The era of freelancing: Don’t be left out. Part 1.

No matter how smarter, faster, and harder we work, either as individuals or businesses, we get stuck along the way. That is exactly what happened to me some years back. Office hours were so short for me to finish my work. I kept piling up previous days’ work without knowing what do. My secretary was busy, I was busy, and everybody in the organization was busy. I realized that I needed extra help finishing those work that I have piled up for months. However, the nature of the work did not require the hiring of a new employee.  What was I to do then?

One day, as I was discussing this issue with a friend, he introduced me to the world of freelancing. I never knew something like that existed. I never knew you could get your work done easily without moving a finger. At that time, I looked a little bit stupid to myself. Why? Because I kept asking myself why, in this technological era, I am not aware of these simple things that can make my life so easy? But my friend told me that is not stupidity, it is just ignorance of the existence of such a platform. Though I somehow agreed with my friend, I still thought I was stupid.

Maybe you are in this situation right now. Maybe you want your website or blog to be filled with content, maybe you want a website to be designed for you, you might want an app as well, you have a chunk of data entry to make in the office, your brand as a business or an individual is dwindling because you don’t get the time to promote yourself, you need a logo, you need your site to be ranked on the first pages of popular search engines. A whole lot of issues. Can you really take care of all these, I mean are you trying to be a robot?

Don’t stress yourself too much. And you don’t need to put in extra capital employing somebody only to come and work for a month. That comes with increased labor cost, increased utilities, office space and a whole lot of preliminary expenses.

Let me introduce you to freelancing platforms, where you have access to people working on the clock to give you the best of service. There are web developers, app developers, programmers, designers, engineers, nurses, content writers, SEO experts, accountants, name them. These people work based on instructions and make sure that your project is delivered to you on time.

A lot of us have issues with trust and reliability. When I introduced one of such platforms to a friend, he said “how can I give my work somebody I can’t see? Do I even know whether the person will do it or not? Forget about the robotics thing that people talk about on the internet. Freelance platforms feature real human beings. You can chat with them anytime you want, give them instructions, and get your work delivered to you. Where do you go if you want to use such platforms to hire workers?

Let me introduce you to one of the most trusted and reliable freelance sites by name, UPWORK, where you can get experts including accountants, content writers, virtual assistants, and many more from all walks of life to work on your project. UPWORK is a good platform that houses the best talents in different fields who are ready to take up your projects and work on them for you, whiles you do other things. While you go to sleep, there would be people working on your project to ensure that your work is ready the next morning. What more would be better than this?

Technology and for that matter, the internet was not made for animals or trees, it was made for us, humans, to use it for our needs. Get an UPWORK profile for free as a business owner and start hiring freelancers from all over the world.

Saibu Baba is a blogger and a content writer on UPWORK. He has used the site write articles, blog posts, and do data entry for many clients across the globe. If you need somebody to work on your article writing projects or blog posts, connect with him there:Baba@Upwork

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