Does it really matter if Instagram Stories Resemble Snapchat Stories? Focus and leave the so-called gurus

Does it really matter if Instagram, with its new “stories feature” is copying Snapchat? Well, this is not what you should be looking at as a social marketer or business.  All you should care about is that a platform that houses over 300 million social media monthly users has introduced a new feature that’ll boost your sales and freshen your online presence. You should learn how to use instagram stories to get followers ASAP.

Since the new “instagram stories” feature was introduced, a lot of people have given it their own names. Whiles some are calling it “Snapchat-Inspired”, others are calling it “snapchat-like”. I have, however, asked myself one question: Does it really matter? Who cares if Instagram copies Snapchat? For some of us, if I can use the new instagram stories to get followers and market my content, so be it.

Just a few days after its introduction, instagram’s stories feature was reported to have given some positive viewership numbers to a lot of brands. Names including CNN, Food Network, and Cosmopolitan have seen some positive views with the stories they created with the new stories feature. A Nike’s Instagram story generated 800,000 views the first day. If big brands like these are using this new feature to create stories on instagram, what are you waiting for?

You can’t afford to slack behind. Learn how to use instagram stories to market your content right now. Why? Well, have you heard how technological innovations have killed some businesses so fast? The same way social media advancement can make your content marketing career obsolete if you don’t learn new things.

So how do you learn how to use instagram stories to get more followers? Webinars offer great opportunities for you to learn new things. On instagram stories, there are a lot of webinars coming up this August or September that you shouldn’t miss. Don’s sit down and be consumed by new things. Though some of these webinars might require some fees, they are worth your money.

CYNOPSISMEDIA is one such organization that is coming with a webinar on instagram stories. This webinar on Instagram stories by CYNOPSISMEDIA takes place on the 31 of August, 2016 at exactly 1:30PM ET. You don’t have participate alone. Take the chance to invite your team as well. Check out this webinar.

Another webinar which would be on Instagram and general, and for that matter, will not leave out the new stories feature will be organized by FACEBOOKMARKETINGPARTNERS. This webinar will also focus on how Instagram ads will move to an open API at this month’s ending. It will be handled by Megan Bristol, an Instagram Market Operations team member on Wednesday, the 16th of September at exactly 8:30am PT or 7:30pm PT. check out this webinar.

On September 24th, there will be Webinar on the use of both Facebookand Instagram for business success by PR News’.  If you want to move to the next level with your business, then this webinar should be part of your ‘to do list’ right now. Check out this webinar.
Use Instagram Stories to tell your business stories and get more leads.

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