Top Human Resource tools for businesses

The survival of every business, in no doubt depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of its human resources. To get the best fit for a job as well as manage current employees, these tools given below would be of great help.


This is an employee onboarding tool that helps businesses to manage job offers and the hiring process. It has an excellent experience for new hires and gives the organization some freedom from administrative tasks of HR. among other things, HROnboard does the following:
Creating of beautiful job offers for new hires
Nurturing and engaging with new hires through their onboarding experience
Update the contract of employees online quickly.
Securely off board exiting employees.

With the applicant tracking system of Workable, it is a good replacement for email and spreadsheet. Workable is very affordable and a usable hiring software. This is what Workable can do for you and your business.
Building a branded careers page and writing of great job descriptions
Helps posts job advertisements and other things to multiple job boards
Ability to browse rich profiles of candidates
Keeps your schedule, analytics and notes in one place.

IBM Kenexa.
This is an HR tool that does the following;
Talent acquisition
Learning and development, thus human resource improvement.
Management of Performance
Surveys and talent analytics
Talent management to keep the best HR resources in the organization

A cloud based HR management tool ideal for start-ups and established small and medium scale business organizations. If you don’t want to get bogged down using papers and spread sheets to manage employees’ time off, then CakeHr, is what you need. This is what it does.
Updating individual employee’s accruals and entitlements.
Recording time off on the calendar of the shared company
Managing requests for time off and management approvals.
As a cloud based system that has apps on Google as well, you don’t need to be in the office to request time off, it can be done anywhere.

Namely offers a cloud-based solution especially to companies that would like a single system to manage their entire human capital. It comes with:
Handling payroll taxes, W-2s, 1099s and ACA reports.
Integrates benefits with enrolmments.
Helps remove the hurdels of paperless onboarding.

Below are a list of equally secure and robust human resource tools that can be of great help to business organizations.

Equally Important Human Resource Management Tools:
  • Snappii Mobile Apps
  • Employee Navigator
  • Shape HRM
  • Cornerstone HR
  • BalancedComp
  • Leave Management System
  • Sentrifugo Open Source HRMS
  • IceHrm
  • DocRead for Sharepoint
There are equally useful and high performance human resource tools out there that I would be bringing to you as time goes on. Take advantage of technologies developed today in order to ensure a successful business operation.

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