10 social network platforms for businesses and business professionals

When it comes to the promotion of our businesses or our personal brands as business professionals, we have always concentrated our efforts in traditional social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for our needs. For those of us who want to go the extra mile of having a long term and a more established relationship with your customers, we use LinkedIn for such purposes.
These traditional platforms are used in general and for all you know, there are a lot of platforms out there geared towards the sole promotion of business and professional brands. For entrepreneurs, businesses and business professionals, here is a list of 10 social network platforms that can be of great help to you.

This is a UK social media site with the sole aim of connecting businesses and investors. It is a great platform for you to market your brand as a business. It also feature entrepreneur news, opinions and insights.

A community that seeks to connect entrepreneurs to the outside world and bring the world to entrepreneurs. It is based much on startups and how these companies can grow their business through networking. It is for individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, designers and programmers who are involved in startups.

Affluence, as you can suggest from its name, is a private social network platform for wealthy individuals to share information and network. It additionally provides high quality advice and content through experts in the field of technology, travel and arts. To be part of this community, it is reported you must be worth $1 million (US) or an annual household income of about $200,000.

Entrepreneur connect.
A community born by entrepreneur.com for professionals to communicate, collaborate and network with one another. The intentions of this site are not for mass business or professional promotion, but a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange real advice and make long lasting networks.

An online community Ideal for university students who are into entrepreneurship. The platform provides would-be student entrepreneurs with social media networking and connections they need to build, develop and launch new enterprises of their own.

Go Big Network
This platform connects investors with startup companies. Over 400,000 startups have made use of this platform to help them get funding. This platform is tagged as one of the world’s most active startup community with angel investors, investment banks, venture capital gurus, funding experts and more.

Another startup community that provide content based advice on how to be on your toes as  a startup, how to build and maintain your business and more. It is also a place where startup entrepreneurs and managers link up and share ideas.

A social network platform by the jasegroup is a very popular platform for entrepreneurs, startup leaders and business professionals to network on various areas including web design and development, network marketing, content marketing, social media promotion and a whole lot. It is a good site to send your brand out there.

A lot of businesses and business professionals always see LinkedIn to be just another social network site. But let me tell you, this platform is a powerful community where you can connect and collaborate with a lot of other business oriented people and institutions around the globe. It is platform where you can build and promote your brand.

Networking and staying in contact with all your contacts and customers is something plaxo will make easy and excellent for you. With this tool, you get to access your contacts anywhere as well as keep them updated and sync.

Use social media sites for your benefits because for all you know, most of your customers now spend their time on social media and you cannot afford to lose them just because of that. Get to them wherever they go and be sure to have a constant growing business.

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